Right water at the right time

Idealgreengarden is the startup that has designed and patented a series of problem solving products for home and urban gardening that allow maximum care in the cultivation and maintenance of potted plants with minimum effort.

GoStopWater is a simple and innovative irrigation device that reproduces the dexterity that careful maintenance of potted plants should observe. It is available in both mechanical and electromechanical versions and solves the difficulties encountered in watering potted plants

IRRIPOT is a vase revisited and reinvented in light of the advantages and disadvantages of traditional terracotta production and modern plastic materials. The plastic container IRRIPOT is the new Millenium pot, it incorporates in the saucer an innovative well with coconut fiber for efficient capillary humidification and the GoStopWater irrigation device for correct watering.

IRRIPOT GoStopWater revolutionizes the concept of water reserve pots and drip or spray irrigation with reservoir. The new IRRIPOT irrigation canisters connected to a 12-liter tank become self-watering and are the only ones that allow you to deliver the right water at the right time without the aid of any timer.