The project constitutes an innovative container-sprinkler system that solves the difficulties encountered in watering potted plants. IRRIPOT container-sprinklers excluding the table model for small plants, are all designed for the GoStopWater irrigation device and connected by a tube to a 12lt tank. They constitute the first micro drip irrigation system that does not require a timer.

In the first launch phase an offer kit of 3 containers + 12lt tank is expected; then, we will proceed with the single sale, leaving the buyer the sizing of its system, and taking into account that a 12lt tank can feed up to 6 containers Medium volume IRRIPOT. If extreme requirements of summer thermo-hygrometric conditions would occur, and if one wants to increase the water autonomy of the system, then it is possible to couple 2 12l tanks

The system does not replace the amateur but helps him in what are the typical difficulties of pot cultivation.


1) To relieve the operator from determining the frequency and quantity of water to be administered to the plant. This is an issue that constitutes the greatest criticality in the maintenance and cultivation of potted plants.

2) To free the amateur from the worry of frequent summer water needs and to end the criticality of his absence during the holiday period.

3) To simplify the fertilization of plants. The water source of Irripot system allows one to implement a practical and essential fertigation with the BioSusteniumPlan “one for all” kit.

4) To make the repotting of plants easy and practical.

The innovative structure of IRRIPOT allows both the elimination of the classic drainage at the bottom with inert material and a halving of the volume of the substrate needed for repotting. Furthermore, the introduction as a culture substrate of coconut fiber in the compressed form in Cocorepot discs further simplifies the repotting process, which is often subject to errors and it is a difficult implementation.


The business plan of the IGG project includes:

1) The adoption of an innovative technical solution that has a competitive advantage strategically sustained in the long run by industrial property rights deriving from the concessions of national and foreign patents.

The IRRIPOT container-sprinkler together with the GoStopWater device, both in the mechanical and electromechanical model provided with  reed, represents in the current context of cultivation a new technique of growing and care potted plants with precision irrigation, which it does not require timer.

2) The adoption of an innovative and sustainable technical solution that lowers social and environmental impacts.

IRRIPOT containers are long-term superior quality vases and they are not disposable items. The container-sprinkler system is characterized by a simplification about the maintenance of plants and a reduction of the environmental impact with a lower consumption of containers, fertilizers, substrates and plants.

The innovation is eco-friendly, and it allows maximum care for plants with minimum effort for the grower.

The Irripot container-sprinkler system that is proposed satisfies a need, eliminates a problem and fulfills the dream of every home grower of no longer sees their plants perish due to inexperience or lack of attention and care.

The introduction as a culture substrate of coconut fiber, in the practical compressed form in Cocorepot discs, in addition to facilitating the repotting operation, introduces domestic consumers to the hydroponic management of potted plants cultivation on coconut fiber with a simplification of the nutritional program of the same, which is carried out in fertirrigation with the BioSusteniumPlant kit.

In addition, the easy bag packaging with Cocorepotsoil handle containing 12lt. of organic soil “peat free” and 4 Cocorepot disks that hydrate develop 12lt. of coconut fiber, in a 1: 1 mix, they provide an excellent substrate (with a stable and airy structure) that allows those who want to continue growing plants even in a traditional way.

3) The expansion of the user target of the product-service offered.

The innovative element of Irripot container-sprinkler system protects the consumer from the difficulties that the cultivation and care of plants entails. This problem-solving aspect adds value to the product for the so-called domestic growers, who are the first target of reference, but certainly this feature will bring the product closer to a wider range of potential green thumbs. These consumers due to incompetence and operational difficulties remained far from it despite having the desire for it.

The IRRIPOT brand with GoStopWater device (GO and STOP water) is combined with the payoff “water at the right time”, the right water at the right time.  IRRIPOT has a competitive advantage that no competitor can boast, being among the irrigation systems currently marketed the only one that avoids the use of the timer and the drawbacks that its use entails.

The advantage of overcoming the difficulty of establishing the frequency and quantity of water the plant needs achieves the aspiration of so many growers.  Moreover, they will be able to have plants at home without having to dedicate them a lot of time. IRRIPOT also matches the needs of unexperienced growers as it allows them to grow plants even with little gardening knowledge.

4) The sale of products-services that improve on the current needs of customers.

IRRIPOT container-sprinkler system satisfies a need in the cultivation and care of potted plants in a domestic environment and as a product-service it brings an improvement to the need to be satisfied. In fact, it introduces a range of domestic growers to hydroponic cultivation on coconut fiber and a more rational fertilization of the same with a simple and practical fertigation.

The product brings a large range of consumers closer to those who are currently users of grow shops who practice specialized crops on coconut fiber and who are the reference market for IRRIPOT (mod. Rastareed) with GoStopWater reed.

The brand, in all its applications, is characterized by being a love mark.

The practical and educational aspect will accompany its consumers in their experience of growing and caring for plants.

5) The offer of products-services aimed at intercepting new social and environmental needs

IRRIPOT GoStopWater is facing a social trend that has lifestyles increasingly sensitive to nature. Millennials in the next 5 years will generate growth in the home gardening sector equal to that of the large consumer group aged 50 or over. The IRRIPOT container-sprinkler system is proposed as a new product and as such will attract the curiosity of many young consumers, because it makes it easier to grow and maintain indoor plants in the apartments where most people aged 35 and older live. In U.S. according to the National Gardening Association, the Millenianls love indoor plants now considered as members of the family and bought 31% of the apartment plants sold in 2017. (trend also confirmed in Europe with similar values ​​in Germany and Denmark)

The startup has a “direct to consumer” business model, with an e-commerce activity for its institutional website. The innovative products protected by industrial property rights, which will be conveyed through the e-commerce platform, derive from an intuition of the founding partner, an idea matured in the professional field, but developed over the years with a lover’s perspective. In this perspective the brand will accompany the buyers of the IRRIPOT container-sprinkler system using the tagline “maximum care with minimum effort”.

Cultivating in urban environments in today’s world, as well as rewarding, is an individual space of reconnection to nature. The cultivation and care of plants in an urban environment are associated with undoubted psychological benefits and it is confirmed by various studies that the presence of plants in the workplace contributes to the mental and physical well-being of employees.

Idealgreengarden proposes an eco-compatible business model and conveys a positive message of sensitivity and attention to the environment, which leads to a greater care to the nature.

Bringing to the practice of home gardening and urban horticulture potential green thumbs that for incompetence and difficulties encountered remains far from it is the Mission of the company.