When should I water it? it is the most frequently asked question when buying a plant.

IRRIPOT is the answer! the self watering pot that does not require a timer and is able to supply the right water at the right time.

IRRIPOT is the new and innovative pot that incorporates the revolutionary GoStopWater potted plants irrigation system. All IRRIPOT containers are designed to house GSW devices on the saucer (both in the mechanical and electric model) and constitute a “first production” , the first micro drip irrigation system that does not require a timer.

The structure at the bottom of the IRRIPOT container, in addition to housing the GostopWater, has the cockpit with the coconut fiber. This allows: an adequate capillary rise of the bottom water towards the substrate of the plant, an extensive dripping surface that prevents any radical asphyxiation phenomenon, and an adequate gas exchange (aeration) of the surface of the substrate below the vase.

IRRIPOT’s containers are made of long-term superior quality vases and they are not  “disposable” items. The container-sprinkler system is characterized by a simplification about the maintenance of plants and a reduction of the environmental impact. This allows a lower consumption of containers, fertilizers, substrates and plants.

The innovation is eco-sustainable and allows maximum care for plants with minimum effort for the gardener.

The Irripot container-sprinkler system that is proposed satisfies a need, eliminates a problem and fulfills the dream of every home grower to no longer see their plants perish due to their inexperience or lack of attention and care.

In the first launch phase, an offer of a kit of 3 containers + 12lt tank is expected. Then, we will proceed with the single sale, leaving the buyer the sizing of its system, considering that a 12lt tank can feed up to 6 containers Medium volume IRRIPOT. Moreover, to cover extreme requirements of summer thermo-hygrometric conditions and if you want to increase the water autonomy of the system, you can order a couple of 2 12l tanks

The system is not a substitute for the amateur but helps him in what are the typical difficulties of pot cultivation and it allows:

1) to relieve the operator from determining the frequency and quantity of water to be administered to the plant; a difficulty that constitutes the greatest criticality in the maintenance and cultivation of potted plants.

2) It frees the amateur from worrying of frequent summer water needs and to end the criticality of his absence during the holiday period.

3) Simplifying the fertilization of plants. The water supply of the Irripot system’s water source makes it possible to carry out a practical and essential fertigation with the BioSusteniumPlan “one for all” kit

4) Repotting plants is easy and practical.

The innovative structure of IRRIPOT allows both the elimination of the classic drainage at the bottom with inert material and a halving of the volume of the substrate needed for repotting. Furthermore, the introduction of a coconut fiber’s substrate in the compressed form in Cocorepot discs simplifies the repotting operation which is often subject of errors and presents a laborious implementation.

IRRIPOT GoStopWater system achieves the dream so far unsatisfied that one can get the maximum care for her plants with the minimal effort. Most importantly, one does not have to be an expert green thumb.