The innovative structure of Irripot allows both the elimination of the classic drainage at the bottom with inert material and it halves the volume of the substrate needed for repotting. The introduction of coconut fiber as a substrate in the compressed form in Cocorepot discs further simplifies the repotting process which is often subject to errors and presents a laborious implementation.

Basically, a disc of the convenient compressed form of Cocorepot that hydrated develops 3lt. coconut fiber, which is enough for every single repotting and allows you to continue growing in hydroponic mode thanks to the BioSustenium kit.

The easy bag packaging with handle contains 12lt. of high quality “peat free” organic soil – Ecolabel without peat, and 4 Cocorepot discs which hydrate develop 12lt. of coconut fiber. In 1: 1 mix with coconut fiber there is an excellent substrate with a stable and aerated structure that allows you to easily continue growing the plant even in traditional or partially hydroponic condition, if the soil is used as a coconut fiber conditioner.