Domenico Ielo

……………. everything stems from my intuition in a period of work with flower nurseries in Calabria. Having conceived a simple cultivation system halfway between traditional and hydroponic cultivation thanks to dynamic sub-irrigation, it had excellent application potential and therefore I decided to put it into practice and to start a national and U.S. patent path. which ended with the release of patent for industrial invention N ° 1230105 Italy and N ° 5095652 U.S.A. according to P.C.T as Rastaplan system “Technique for the cultivation of plants in protected agriculture and hobby”. At the time, it was the beginning of the 90s, there was my attempt to use the patent granted with the creation of plastic containers served by an irrigation underplate with active sub-irrigation, but the project of molding the articles, both for the remarkable investment and because of the difficulties in accessing credit, it was not followed up. · In the last five years I have taken up the original idea because motivated above all by Grazia, Francesco and Valentino who moved to U.S.A. prompted me to take up what they remembered in their time as the “Save plants” project and my “American dream”. · Noting that a practical and simple solution to watering potted plants is still absent on the market today (and that a greater sensitivity towards greenery has developed, which was not widespread at the time) I completed the idea with a further comfort experimentation and supported by my experience and passion for the amateur cultivation of potted plants. For this reason, after checking the domestic and foreign market, it was decided to transform the innovative asset in its possession into Industrial Property and to establish IDEALGREENGARDEN S.R.L.

The startup was therefore born with a view to “open innovation” and searches for companies operating in the plastic injection molding sector to which to transfer the innovation after acquiring the licenses for the use of patents granted and under concession.

In a perspective of collaboration and development to the purchaser of industrial property rights, to facilitate the realization of the project and the related investment, it would offer the possibility of an equity crowdfunding campaign in which to enter with one’s own professional figures as a primary partner with ample management faculty operational and administrative.

Founding members: Domenico and Grazia Ielo

Constitution act date: 10/31/2018

Tax code and registration number: 03056620804,

Registration date: 11/27/2018 special section as START-UP