1. a) Activity of the company

Realization of a container-sprinkler system made up of a branded plant container (Irripot), which inside (saucer) is designed to contain the magnetic calibration irrigation device (GoStopWater).

The initiative is developed on a production unit that will take care of the first basic model in four volumes + 12 lt tank. centralized + saucer IRRIPOT, a plastic saucer of 21cm of circumference prepared both for the attachment of the mechanical and electrical device of the GoStopWater for third-party models.

The marketing of Irripot containers – sprinklers will be accompanied by some items with the BioSusteniumPlant brand, (a kit consisting of 4 liquid fertilizers, able to meet the nutritional needs of most plants) and the Cocorepotsoil brand, (compressed coconut fiber with a substrate 12 lt. high quality organic), which have a high degree of integration and synergy with the system.

The IDEALGREENGARDEN product line changes the concept of cultivation and care of potted plants and it allows maximum care with minimum effort.

  1. b) Product innovation and competitive advantage.

The product constitutes an innovative container-sprinkler system, which solves the difficulties encountered in watering potted plants.

Irripot GoStopWater relieves the operator from determining the frequency and quantity of water to be administered to the plant, a difficulty that constitutes the most critical aspect in the maintenance and cultivation of potted plants.

Irripot containers-sprinklers (excluding the table model for small plants) are all designed for the GoStopWater irrigation device (GSW mecc., And GSW elett.), and connected by a tube to a 12lt tank. and its own micro home irrigation system.

In the first launch phase an offer in kit of 3 containers + 12lt tank is expected; then, we will proceed with the single sale leaving the buyer the sizing of its system, and taking into account that a 12lt tank can feed up to 6 containers Medium volume IRRIPOT. If extreme requirements of summer thermo-hygrometric conditions would occur or if one wants to increase the water autonomy of the system, it is possible to couple 2 12l tanks

The system does not replace the amateur, but helps him in what are the typical difficulties of pot cultivation and realizes the aspiration so far unsatisfied of having plants at home without having to devote a lot of time to their care and above all to not necessarily having to be a green thumb. Thanks to the Irripot GoStopWater system, the lover is freed from the worry of frequent summer water needs and puts an end to the criticality of his absence during the holiday period. Moreover, the payoff that supports the brand is water at right time, which is the peculiarity of the product being on the market the only one that provides a dosage of water at the right time without requiring a timer and the drawbacks that its use leads. IRRIPOT containers are simple to use, they irrigate when the plant really needs water and it simplifies the practice of fertilizing and repotting plants.

  1. c) Market analysis

c.1 Customers: The reference market is mainly North European and the American one. Furthermore, the customers are domestic growers and grow shop growers.

c.2 The starting production in this business plan refers to the Italian market in a startup dimension and prudently estimated at 2% of the target of large consumers (2.5 million out of the 8 million consumers, according to greenlife 2018)

c.3 Competitive advantage: “first production” first micro irrigation system for domestic product / service currently non-existent in the market. The product / service has a competitive advantage strategically sustained in the long run by industrial property rights deriving from the concessions of national and foreign patents.

Industrial property right deriving from the grant of 02/07/2018 of the Patent for industrial invention N °. UB2015A0084986 (ITALY), from the European Patent N °. 168388072.3 and the international applications n. PCT / IT 2016/000293, and n. PCT / IT 2019/000042

c.4 Marketing strategies: Traditional channel (garden center, Brico, etc., in order to make the brand known and to physically display the product) and digital channels (e-commerce), a crowdfunding campaign is also planned both in equity and in reward, and the activation of energy with suppliers and business partners.

c.5 Competitors: There are no direct competitors, among the indirect competitors and occupying the medium-high market segment pertaining to the product, we have:

for the domestic market the Plastenic brand, for the European market the German brand Lechuza which boasts the best diffusion above all; also worthy of note: Hozelok, Riviere di grosfillex, Eelho and Boskke.

For the U.S. market (as reported in Valentino Ielo’s MMP2 sector research report) there are three major companies (AndersonPots,, Belden plastics and Nile fiber pot) with superior quality and good online sales.

c.6 the competitors present in the varied panorama of drip irrigation systems with tank, both indoor and outdoor, range from terrace systems distributed by the Italian Claber (Aquamatic, Magic Cube, Idris) to passive Minigarden and Autopot easy systems getting to the most specialized drop and grow shop systems of: Platium, Atami, Nutriculture Flo-gro, Waterfarm ghe.

All these systems, however, require a timer to determine the times and the quantity of irrigation and meet the drawbacks that its use entails.

  1. d) Primary technical and economic aspects:

d.1 Company team: At present the project has its referents and proponents in its founders, it is implicit that the business initiative will need an adequate team to manage the project. The founding members Domenico and Grazia Ielo will work alongside a technical operational director (CTO) and a financial director who will follow the financial and administrative management, the research and development sector of the product system will continue to be managed by the founder Domenico Ielo while the partner Grazia Ielo and Valentino Ielo (Copywriter/Marketing Specialist) will oversee the coordination of corporate communication and fundraising in the United States. The expected use of private funds and equity crowdfunding with the desirable entry into business partner companies will however lead to the redefinition of collaborations and the corporate team.

d.2 Product and degree of development: partially prototyped, it is necessary to complete the design and commission the first series of molds (estimated time 4-5 months)

d.3 Investment: 600,000.00 euros (400,000.00 for mold commission + 200,000.00 for first management costs)

d.4 Hedging sources: current share capital € 10,000.00 + Intangible Industrial Property from industrial and commercial property rights + € 600,000.00 amount related to the capital increase destined for the crowdfunding equity campaign.

d.5 Forecast revenues: 4,295,000.00 euros fully operational with the revenue lines based on the sale of Irripot and Saucer-Irripot containers

d.6 Revenue model: based on the sale of IRRIPOT GoStopWater, divided into its mechanical and electrical uses for the basic model in the 4 volumes and the saucer IRRIPOT + tank 12lt.