GoStopWater is a simple and innovative irrigation device which reproduces manual skills of a careful maintenance that potted plants should have. It is available in both the mechanical and electromechanical models and it solves difficulties encountered with watering potted plants

Basically, irrigation starts when the surface soil of the plant begins to dry and stops when a small amount of excess water begins to flow into the saucer. Watering quantity and frequency are determined by the radical absorption, by the volume of the substrate contained into the pot and by the thermo-hygrometric conditions of the environment in which it is placed.

In fact, the subsequent irrigation cycle will start only when the draining water present on the bottom evaporates.

GoStopWater in mechanical version

In this case, the saucer incorporates a magnetic calibration dispenser consisting of an expanded polystyrene float at the base of which houses a small magnet. The float located within its own guide descending to the level at the bottom attracts the metal cylinder and opens the dispensing orifice. This is connected by means of a plastic tube to the water source (a single or centralized tank for several containers), and it starts the irrigation of the vase. Irrigation will stop when the water capacity of the soil of the plant is satisfied and the surplus of the dripping water will collect in the saucer reaching the level at which the buoyancy will remove the float from the base which thus detaches the magnetic contact with the cylinder which will return by gravity to its starting position by closing the delivery.

GoStopWater in electric version

This application uses a reed device which is an electromechanical component that functions as a switch. The reed consists of two iron-nickel sheets superimposed and separated from each other by a few tenths of a millimeter sealed in a very small glass ampoule filled with inert gas, in the rest position the reed device is open, and it closes with the presence of a magnetic field.

By equipping the structure of the saucer with the reed contact is possible to operate an immersion pump or an air pump to supply the water. The irrigation system is identical to the mechanical mechanism previously described except that in this case the magnetic field created by the magnet housed at the base of the float causes the contact of the reed plates which, by closing the circuit, activates the pump and it starts delivering the water. Furthermore, in this case the supply will cease when the draining water, collected on the bottom, reaches the level whereby the buoyancy push raises the float. This when leaving no longer supplies with its magnet the magnetic field which polarizes the reed sheets which therefore returns in its open resting position. Therefore using the reed, a more targeted and precise drip irrigation is carried out since the sensitivity of the reed allows the delivery to evaporate a few millimeters of the dripping water present in the saucer.

GoStopWater (GO and STOP water) supplies the plant with the right water at the right time. This is the difficulty that constitutes the greatest problem in the maintenance and cultivation of potted plants. Simplicity is the strength of this application and it is based on principles of classical physics without any electronics.

The saucer (saucer 21 cm in diameter) with the Irripot brand is designed for both the attachment of the mechanical and electrical device and is intended for valuable ornamental plants in the plant both indoors and outdoors in third-party ceramic containers with a base of 14 to 20cm.

The saucer Irripot is single or in series from 3 to 6 connected by a tube to a 12lt tank, which acts as a water reserve, in its mechanical application it constitutes the first micro drip irrigation system for potted plants which does not require a timer and electrical aids.

Thanks to the GoStopWater device, the lover is freed from the worry of frequent water needs and puts an end to the criticality of his absence during the holiday period.

This sprinkler device is also characterized by the IRRIPOT containers conceived and prepared for this irrigation system both in the mechanical and electric version, in both uses it brings a further simplification in the maintenance of potted plants, and as regards fertilization, which it is performed in fertirrigation through the water reserve tank, and both as regards repotting, which uses the practical and eco-sustainable coconut fiber.